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January 31, 2018

10 Must-Haves for Travelling

I love travelling. My family loves travelling. We go on trips pretty often – short trips most of the time ya know *whisper* my parents love Japan so much *, and maybe a long trip (10+ hours flight) once in a while. Ever since I started studying abroad however, the amount of travelling I do significantly increased (and I also travel alone). SO, here’re 10 things that are absolutely NECESSARY IMO when you go explore the world.

1. Neck pillow + eye mask
I LOVE MY SLEEP. Technically I can sleep anywhere, anytime (even with babies screaming and light flashing.) Tbh, I used to sleep-wait for my bus every morning and sleepwalk to school! But, I do like to get a better quality sleep, and hence the neck pillow and eye mask (especially for long flights).


2. Empty water bottle
Getting dehydrated, especially on the airplane is the absolute worse experience. Buying drinks after security is expensive af too, so the best way is to bring your empty water bottle and fill it with water once you get in the departure area.



3. A small bag
You have your backpack, your carry-on or whatever bag you travel with. BUT you also need a small bag that you can carry with you ALL THE TIME. And I mean ALL THE TIME. Put all those important stuff like passport, money, credit cards in it and carry it with you 24/7 because trust me, you don’t want to lose them.


4. A simple backpack
I’m not a huge fan of backpacks with tons of small pockets – sure it’s a good way to organise your stuff but when there are like 10 billion pockets inside you tend to forget where you put this specific cord for your charger in? (or is it just me) ANYWAY, I love a simple minimalistic backpack that I can throw everything in (comes in handy when you’re in a rush).



5. Headphones
It is a fact that I cannot survive travelling without my headphones. I listen to music constantly and it just make travelling alone a little less lonely *shrugs*



6. A lil notebook + PEN
A notebooks is especially useful when you’re travelling because you’d have to write down stuff, maybe communicate via drawing and illustrations, and you can also journal in it. Not sure about other places but in Japan, there are usually stamps at sightseeing points / the train station so you can whip out your notebook and punch a lil memory in it. AND DON’T FORGET THE PEN. It’s even more important than the notebook imo.


7. Paper bags or keep the vomit bag from the airplane…
As rubbish bags because when there’s no rubbish bin nearby and you have to throw out the mars bar wrapping you have, that lil bag will save your life.


8. Scarf
Living in Montreal taught me how scarf can be a huge game changer – you can have your very warm jacket but without the scarf you will still be cold. So bring a scarf, stay warm and stay cozy!



9. Foldable reusable bag
Not only are you saving the earth by using less plastic, you’re also doing yourself a favour because you never know when you’ll need an extra bag to carry your stuff


10. And finally, we have the Swiss army knife
Who doesn’t like the Swiss army knife? It’s compact, useful and ESSENTIAL


That’s it! Here’s my list of 10 must-haves for travelling! Obviously there are a lot more ‘must-haves’ but these 10 things are the most important to me. I hope you’ll find it useful? and I’ll see you in my next post! Have a nice day and don’t stop travelling!
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