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September 20, 2017

5 Kung Fu Styles You’ll Master Living in Hong Kong

1. Lightening feet
Hong Kongers are famous for their walking speed. Try taking the MTR during rush hour (especially when people are getting late for work) and you’ll see.

2. Sleeping statue
Too tired after school or work? Master the Sleeping Statue and you’ll have no problem catching up some sleep while you’re sitting or standing in public transport. (As a student I’ve also mastered sleeping while waiting for my bus to come as well)

3. Super Speedy Swallowing
(What kind of lame name is this lol) Only got 10 minutes for lunch? No problem! With this technique you can easily finish a sandwich in 2 minutes, and maybe finish bowl of noodle in 7?

4. See Through Eyes
Everyone is on their phone all the time – as if they could see through their phone so that they wouldn’t trip while texting.

5. Unbeatable Liver
We have the longest working hours in the whole world (average of 50 hours of work per week omg) and OT is really really common here D:


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