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September 22, 2017

A Month in Montreal

I’ve been here for a month already (WHAT)!!! Time flies, especially after school has started *facepalm*. Anyway, during my time in Montreal I managed to travel to some of the “touristy” site – namely Old Port, China Town and Botanical Garden #iamstillatourist

Here are some photos that I took:

Botanical Garden (ft. Lanternes Chinoises)

They have 3 big gardens – First Nation, Chinese and Japanese. The Japanese one kind of reminds me of Kyoto (my fav place in Japan!) but of course it’s not like 100% authentic. I’d give them credits though for trying hard LOL

We went to the Chinese one at night because of the lanterns (obviously), so we didn’t get to witness it in daylight. It certainly feels Chinese-y, and they got all the traditional character correct! (although the name of the building and the lake doesn’t make too much sense).

It was VERY CROWDED and the line was huge when we got there. It’d be a better experience if there were not that many people but whateves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ p.s. I really like the crane lanterns!

I like how raw and natural the First Nation garden feels – and they played some sort of tribal music (LOVE IT)

Old Port

I love its european vibe!!! There are people chilling, playing music, selling art… #chilllifethatIwishIhave

Jean Drapeau

We went there to cycle as a frosh group activity. The bikes are freaking huge and heavy (for asian people maybe) and they’re really difficult to control. However, the scenery is stunning and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was really tiring to go uphill and there’re some part where the slope is so steep I just cannot cycle down (lol nice cycling skills I have here), but we get to cycle in the woods AND THAT IS JUST A SIMPLY AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

One thing though is that you have to return the bike to the station every 30 min which is quite annoying, but the island is quite small so its fine.

Parc Jeanne-Mance

Been there a couple of times, but have yet to go to Mount Royale LOL

^^ and theres also a cycling competition thingy going on ???

Random Pics I took

I’d definitely be going to more places – I have 4 years here so I don’t have to rush or anything! 😀


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