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February 9, 2018

Introducing more products + I’m finally selling on Creative Market!!

When I first started selling on Etsy, I was selling printables only because I was unsure how international mailing works, especially in Montreal. I told myself that I’m going to settle down in the new environment first and maybe do a little research about international mail services before listing any physical products. But, as cheesy as it sounds, you are never really prepared, so I just decided to ‘go for it’ and listed my first physical product – a Merry Christmas Card.

Most of my decision are quite impromptu – if I want to do it, I’ll do it right now. No matter how I tell myself ‘ok no but I really need to prepare for this, I’m gonna do research, I’m gonna have a plan, I’m gonna write a professional proposal like how businesses do it’, none of this will actually make me click that ‘sign up’ or ‘start now’ button, but a sudden urge of LET’S DO IT NOW usually does the job.

Anyway, back to my point… there’re now more physical products up on my Etsy shop!!! I’m introducing pouches, pocket mirrors, more greeting cards and also custom phone cases and mugs.


This is yet another ‘impromptu decision’ hahaha I was in class browsing creative market (oops I’m a bad student) and I just thought, why not start a shop there as well?

I’ll be selling (mainly) templates there because Creative Market is more about tools and stuff for creatives while Etsy is more about hand-made stuff. So yeah, my Creative Market will be more ‘graphic design’ focused while my Etsy will be ‘hand-lettering’ focused!

Please do check them out and feel free to contact me if you have anything feedback or sth like that heeheeeee


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