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January 17, 2018

Revisiting my Impossible List

I created this impossible list about an year ago after seeing it on CollegeInfoGeek, and although I did crossed off some of my goals, I feel like I’m not using it as much as I should. The impossible list is supposed to motivate you to challenge the ‘impossible’, but I’ve let it sit at the bottom of my Evernote notebook that I’ve almost forgotten about it. Anyway, here am I, at the start of the year (well actually it’s already the middle of January), revisiting my impossible list and trying to make use of it more in 2018.

This is mine from 2017:


Current Focuses

Backpack across Europe


Yup I’m proud to say that this is happening this summer!!!!!!!!!! so it’ll stay on ‘current focuses’, though I’ll also add climb a mountain and hike up the stone steps thingy near my home without taking a break. I’m definitely paying more attention to exercising and fitness this year, so I guess it’s fair to put them on current focuses – oh and also to keep up with the guy in the fitness blender video.


Last Completed Goals

Create a personal website

Learn Snowboarding

I am very happy that I’ve finally created my personal website (aka this one!). I also invested in a theme that I’m really satisfied with 😀


Learn Cricket

Learn Tennis

Learn Badminton

Learn Table Tennis

Learn High Jump

Learn Skateboarding

Learn Skiing (2016, Niseko)

Learn Snowboarding (2017, Niseko)

Learn Squash

Climb a mountain

Learn Ice Skating

Learn martial art


I’ll be adding the fitness blender and the walking up with taking breaks mentioned in the ‘current focuses’ category as well.



See the Northern lights (Yellowknife, 2015)

Ride the Glacier Express (Switzerland, 2015)

Visit Silicon Valley (Stanford, 2014)

Make a video of grad trip (Tokyo, 2017)

Visit Every Continent ( North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Antartica)

Do A Round-The-World Trip

Go Space-Travelling

Backpack across Europe

Go to Harry Potter Studio

Climb Mount Fuji

Go camping again

Visit every filming places of Harry Potter


There’ll be a lot of travelling in 2018 and I’M SUPER EXCITED!! Hopefully I can take a few things off of this list as well.


Crazy Stuff

Go zip-line

Zipline in Jungle

Go rafting 

Go slacklining

Donate blood (2016)

Play laser tag (2015)

Go Sky-diving

Go Bungee-jump

Break a world record

Attend spartan race

Play paintball

Play wargame

Learn to juggle


Didn’t really have to chance to tick off any of these last year, although I did go laser tag in Montreal (in a much larger venue than in Hong Kong) so that’s quite an experience.


Academic / Professional

Start a business (2017)

Promote maker culture to Hong Kong Kids (Makerbay, 2016)

Sell in a local hand-made fair

Write a book

Give a TEDx Talk

Promote girls in STEM


I really want to sell in a local hand-made fair but then it’s kind of too expensive for me right now so…


Art / Literature

Learn Calligraphy

Pass ATLC (2016)

Arrange and cover a song + record it (Jan 2017)

Learn Typography

Typography based on the wizarding world

Upload stuff on Behance (Mar 2017)

Learn How To Sing

Play Oogway Descends fluently on Erhu

Learn knitting

Write my own music (original / based on fbawtft)

Get invited to Dribbble (2017)

Journal everyday

Learn drum

Learn Chinese calligraphy properly


One thing that I am SO SO THANKFUL for is that I got invited to Dribbble! It’s one of those goals that I thought would take me 5+ years to achieve.


Skills To Learn

Learn to juggle

Learn to identify constellations

Learn MBTIs

Learn yoyo tricks


 I think I’ll focus on other stuff for now though because these are kind of for when I’m bored and have nothing else to do??



Get featured on Instructables

5 features

10 features

Create a personal website

Less time spent on social media

Build an iPhone App

Win a contest on Instructables

Learn Python

Learn C

Learn Objective-C

One day without phone


Well unfortunately I haven’ t been posting on Instructables for nearly two years now since I’m focusing on other aspects right now. I’m taking programming courses now though, so I’d probably know Java and C by the end of the semester.



Speak French Fluently

Learn Portuguese

Learn Korean


 I’ll try my best to duolingo often!!!!
So yeah, I’ve updated my Impossible List and hopefully it’ll motivate me to challenge myself often in 2018! Do look it up online and maybe start one for yourself too because it just makes life more challenging and fun!
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