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October 11, 2017

Being at University + Running a Side-Business (ft. productivity tips)

University is challenging. Studying in a different country is EXTRA challenging (but I’m not going to talk about it here) AND running a business on top of uni is EXTRA EXTRA challenging. You have all the tests and assignments and projects and deadlines and midterms and you also have to develop products and write blog posts and post on Instagram regularly and (!) don’t forget the laundry, cleaning up your room every week routine and occasional cooking because you just can’t stand the food in the cafeteria. BUT WAIT you still have to socialise, hang out with people and get enough sleep!

It is really overwhelming, and before the midterm season I was totally fine with the study-work-life balance but now, as I have more deadlines and exams coming up (ugh) I’m starting to drown *I believe I will die~*. To stop this before it gets worse, I’ve come up with a lil plan and hopefully it’d help some of you guys out by sharing it here:

1. I schedule a set amount of time for each subject/task

Right now I have 2 math courses at uni with midterms. I scheduled 1 hour per subject every day on weekdays to make sure that I get enough work done. I also scheduled 1 hour for my business stuff (blogging, product development etc) and I’ll also do them during my chill time because it’s my hobby :D. During these scheduled hours I make sure that there’re no distractions – no youtube videos, no chatting with friends etc. Thats 3 hours everyday, and obviously assignments and other school work also takes up about 1-2 hours everyday so I’ll probably work about 5 hours every day outside of lectures.

2. I never skip my wind-down time before bed

It could be really stressful trying to juggle two big responsibilities at the same time, and it is easy to get so absorbed in work that you’d forget to relax – that’s why having a lil me-time is very important. I’m currently building a relaxing bed time routine that includes like playing my fav music, dimming the lights, taking the time to get unprepared, maybe read for a bit (harry potter anyone?)

3. I Plan the right way

Planning is great for increasing productivity, but that only works if you plan the right way. Spending all your time writing down to-dos but not actually executing them doesn’t do anything to improve your time management. Or maybe you’re just planning to procrastinate? Anyway, I usually take the time every night to write in my bullet journal tasks and stuff I have to do on the next day, and also sort of plan like when I’m going to actually do them. Fitting to-dos in your schedule is really important so that you won’t be like ‘oh nah I’ll do it later. Whateves.’

It’s easy to say it out loud but the actual implementation of these steps is difficult. But oh well, that’s what you’d have to face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It really takes a lot of effort and dedication to maintain your studies and your business, however, if the mere thought of being a business owner excites you, then go ahead and take the risk!


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